Reusable Life

I have a new found love for reusable items. Well I guess it is not really new but I am getting to a spot in my life where the more reusable items I have, the happier I am. I have several reasons why I reuse items cost being one of the reasons plus it is better for the environment and often times reusable items are much prettier than their disposable counterparts.

As much as I love my reusable items, I also like when they are items that I have made myself or that a local work at home mom has made. I will buy reusable from a store or off a website but I like to support local if I can.

Some of my favorite reusable items are:

* Cloth Diapers

* Cloth Wipes

* Shopping bags

* Unpaper towel

* Snack/ Sandwich bags

I am currently looking into other disposable items that I can replace with reusable ones. The next reusable items that I am dreaming of purchasing or that I will make will be:

* Mama Cloth

* Produce bags

* Bags for homemade bread

* Larger sized un paper towel

I love reusable items. What is your favorite reusable item?

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