Patriots Blanket



A friend of mine is having a baby and I was looking for the ultimate gift for baby. Knowing that the Daddy of the baby loves the New England Patriots as much as my husband loves the Boston Red Sox, for anyone who follows my blog they will know that is A LOT! Anyway I watched Frenchy’s and many second hand shops in our area just hoping to find some Patriots items, while I did find a couple items, I couldn’t find what I really wanted for her, a Baby Blanket.

After a lot of thought I decided to order some Patriots material off a fabric website and make her a blanket. Once I got the material I couldn’t decide what type of blanket I wanted to make. I could just sew the two pieces together and be done with it, I could add some red satin red around the edges, I could cut and knot it together, I could sew it together and fray the ends, or I could even turn it into a taggie blanket.

Finally after lots and lots of thinking time I have decided to do none of those methods. What I have decided to do is sew the two pieces of fleece together; I sewed them in a double seam about 3 inchs in from the edge of the material. (Okay let’s be honest, I sewed nothing, my Mother did). Anyway after my Mother sewed them together, I cut the edges into strips about 1 inch thick. I then cut small slits in each one of the strips. I then pushed the edge of the strip in through the hole; I am having a hard time explaining what I did there. When I was doing it I was reminded of a making a topsy tail pony tail in your hair.

It turned out nice and I think I like it better than the knotted version.20140530_092351


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