Purge 4 Profit- May


Purge 4 profit

When everyone last heard about our purging for profit in April, we were at $932.50 in total for our purging efforts. We had surpassed our initial goal of $500.00 and had set a new goal of $1500.00 for the year. I had also thought that we would get up to over $1000.00 in total during the month of May.

During the month of May, we made $85.00 purging for profit. Our new total is $1017.50, so we managed to get just over $1000, as I had hoped we would.

For the month of May I had to take a break from it, selling the large quantities of stuff from our house takes a lot of work and it can be incredibly time consuming. I have a pile already started and ready to sell for June, I just have to list it all and take some to the consignment shop.

We will check back in with you in mid-June to see how it is going.

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