DIY Lamp Shade




I used to have these ugly lamp shades in my living room that were a burgundy- reddish gross kind of color, they matched well when the walls were brown but when I repainted my living room orange they just didn’t work anymore. I ripped the paper cover off the lamp shades, so they were just white and boring. I left them like that, it has been about 2 years since I painted our living room, and the lamp shades are (were) still white until the other day. I finally decided the other day that I couldn’t stand looking at them any longer, so I re-covered them.

I went to the fabric store and picked up some really nice grey chevron material for $5.00 a metre. Such a great price! The only other material used was my hot glue gun and a needle and some thread.

To redo my lampshades I hot glued the material to the bottom of the lamp shade. I only put enough material on the inside of the lamp shade to be able to glue it, about ½ an inch. I’m thinking that the material may get too hot if it was inside the lamp shade. After it was glued along the bottom, I cut the remaining off the top leaving about 2 inchs just past the top of the lamp shade. I then folded down the two inchs at the top and hand sewed it with large stitches, once I had sewed it all the way around the top, I pulled the thread tightly enough that the material would not fall of off the lamp shade. Done!

I think they look really great and were super simple to make. How long they will last only time will tell but for now they look way better then they did when I started. Another plus side, I only spend $5.00 for the material to give them there fresh, new look



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