Simplifying it again….



So it seems my husband and I have a problem, the only thing we can stay committed to is each other and our love of Pepsi. While being committed to one another is not a problem for us, the Pepsi is a problem and so is all the other things we commit to and stick with for about a day, sometimes a week. We have these waves, I call them, where we buckle down stop spending, get stuff done around our house, don’t eat out, sell items we don’t need, so on and so on, then something in us says “Wait, you can’t succeed at what you are committed to doing” and we FAIL!! I was joking around truthfully with my friend the other day and I said to her “I have challenged myself, I’m going to see how long I can go before I go into a store shopping.” She laughed at me, she knows me well. I said “Yes so far so good, it’s been half a day”. She laughed even harder and said how long will it last. Well I suck and like I say I can’t commit to anything, so it ended up not lasting even a day. Crazy!

We are the worst and we often feel like maybe we are scared to be successful, maybe we are afraid to achieve. Maybe we don’t want what we think we want, or maybe we just think too much. We have a dream and maybe it is that our dream is too big for us at the present time, maybe we just dream a smaller dream for now.

So as you can tell or I hope you can tell from all my rambling on and on, we have fallen off our wagon again. We have fallen back into old habits and are once again back where we started. We are going to try this again, we have re-set the goals in our life and are aiming to have our student loan debt paid off within the next 5 years. It would be amazing if at……I can’t even finish that sentence, I don’t want to say how old I will be in 5 years. YUCK!



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