T-Shirt Scarf




I made myself a new scarf, a different kind of a scarf, but different can be good!! It is a t-shirt scarf; it cost me about $10.00 to make and took under 1 hour. Awesome!



Supplies Needed:

2 t-shirts (I used men’s large) any color


Needle and thread



1)      Cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt, depending on the shirt it will be ½ an inch to 1 inch. Then cut the shirt into strips about 1 inch thick, from side to side. I used 2 different color shirts and cut six strips from each shirt.


2)       After all 12 strips are cut, you need to stretch them. I held them with my hand and stretched them to my elbows. Just make sure they are all stretched the same length.


3)      At this point you could cut another piece off the shirt and tie it around your strips and be done. Or you could go onto the next step.

4)      Cut the strips in half. Cut another strip from the shirt to tie the ends of the strips together.


5)      Braid a couple of strips together and let the rest go loose. Or braid them all together. It is your choice.

6)      Once you have finished step 5, you need to put the pieces back together where you have cut them. I tied mine together with another piece of material that I cut from the shirt.

7)      I cut a fat rectangle piece from the shirt to cover the knotted piece where the strips were put back together. Once I had it around the knot, I sewed it shut.

8)      And you are done!


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