Purge for Profit- April


So purging for profit has become a part-time job. It is crazy to think of how much I have already sold and how much more I have left to sell. For the month of April, I am already at $278.00 and it is only the 8th. I have beaten my initial goal of $500; I will wait until the end of April to figure out by how much.

All this purging and getting rid of stuff is feeling great. I am noticing the changes in our home and our children as well. Our oldest daughter has said that she would like to empty her room out and only keep the few toys she uses. I love it! My husband is even saying he loves that having less, which is amazing because he is a borderline hoarder; I suppose I was too up until a few months ago.

Will all the excitement of the donating and selling, I couldn’t think of anything negative. However someone pointed out to me that while it is great we are selling items that we don’t use, have we ever thought of how much money we could have saved if it we hadn’t of bought the stuff in the first place. And the answer to that is No! At one point in our life we thought we needed all this stuff, we thought our children needed more toys and more clothes. We thought we needed a bigger house, a better car, etc. We thought we needed to do what everyone around us was doing, acquiring more stuff. We don’t regret anything we have done, that is what brought us to where we are today. That is how we learned what we wanted by making all kinds of mistakes along the way. Trust me, we are still making mistakes that someday we look back and say Why? But that is how you learn and how you grow.

Never did I think something as simple as getting rid of stuff could get so overwhelming and as crazy as it sounds, emotional.

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