Purge 4 Profit- March



I  AM SO EXCITED! Totally pumped! For the month of March I have been Purging like crazy. Not only have I gotten rid of a ton of items, and I mean tons, I have regained space in my house.

At the beginning of the year we decided to follow along with abusymommy.com and purge for profit. The thought is wonderful but as I got into February, I started to feel overwhelmed with the process. There are a lot of items in our house that we don’t need, a lot, a lot, A LOT! I just keep reminding myself that this is a process and is going to take a while.

Because I couldn’t cope with the feeling of being so overwhelmed, I procrastinated most of February and didn’t sell much of anything. The other day I went in head on!

My goal for the month of March was to get our basement cleaned up and out. I have done just that, I will admit though it is not 100% done, I still have a few items to sort through and get rid of. It is a long process but so very rewarding.

In March, I took 3 bags of items to consignment, put several items on a buy/sell facebook page, and I donated about six bags of items. Talk about a relief and feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Something about getting rid of “stuff”, it just makes you feel so good.

Our Purging 4 profit total for March is $286.75. Let me say that again $286.75. That is crazy! Who knew there was that much “stuff” in our house.  My current total to date for the year is $407.75! The goal that I initially set was $500.00, I think I am going to beat my initial goal. I am thinking of setting a new goal but I don’t want to get over confident on my progress.

I have plans already for April, I am thinking that I will reach and maybe even exceed my initial goal.

YAY for me!!!

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