Keep Calm and Sew on




I always see these “Keep Calm and …” something signs everywhere. They always say something different, I have seen “Keep Calm and Carry on”, “Keep Calm and Cloth Diaper on”, “Keep Calm and Go Shopping”, so on and so on. For Christmas this past year I decided I would create one of these signs for my Mother, she is a seamstress, a very talented one I must add. The sign that I would create for her would say “Keep Calm and Sew on”. I thought it was a clever idea, especially since my Mother is not really considered a calm person. Ha Ha Ha! It would also look great hanging in her sewing room as her customers came and went.

To create the “Keep Calm and Sew on” sign for her I went to the local Dollar Store and purchased an 8 by 10 photo frame as well as a fancy sewing kit. The sewing kit included thread, needles, scissors, measuring tape, buttons, and all kinds of other stuff.

To create the sign, I used a computer and using Microsoft Word I typed the words “Keep Calm and Sew on” in bold font centered on the page, then printed it off. After I printed it I put it in the photo frame where the picture would normally go. Then I decorated the frame. I hot glued the spools of thread to the bottom of the frame; the picture part was set back so I was able to glue the thread on it. I also glued on buttons, needles, and a measuring tape.

That was it! Very simple to make and makes a great decoration for a sewing room. It was also very inexpensive, the photo frame and sewing kit cost under $5.00.

The “Keep Calm and Sew on” hangs very proudly in my Mothers sewing room as she creates on a daily basis.

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