Boston Red Sox Quilt




I wanted to buy my husband a Boston Red Sox bedding set but I couldn’t. Living in Canada it is very expensive to get a Boston Red Sox blanket to us. So I came up this crazy idea to make him a Boston Red Sox quilt and to make this quilt I would use some of the Boston Red Sox shirts that needed to be retired. I also had to go to a second hand clothing shop to find some others, as hard as it is to believe he didn’t have enough that I could use.

To create my quilt I used 20 large men’s shirts. The first thing that I did was figure out which shirt had the largest design on it, so that I could figure out how big to cut each shirt. I cut a piece of cardboard the size that I needed the shirts to be, then I cut all the shirts to be this size. I was able to use the backs of some of the shirts as well, which was great.  When all the t-shirts were cut to size, I laid them out on the floor in the pattern that I wanted them to be in when the quilt was finished. Then I started to sew them together making sure that my seams would be on the inside, I sewed them into 4 strips of 5 t-shirts each. Once all the strips were sewn into strips, I began to sew the strips together to create a large blanket. I purchased a queen size quilting batting and a flat queen size bed sheet to be the back of the blanket. At this point I laid the sheet out on the floor, placed the batting on top, and then put the Red Sox shirts on top.  Then I sewed them together, once I sewed them together, I realized that I had done it wrong, and took all the seams out. That part took forever….. once it was all out, I started again. I currently do not have my quilt completely done. It is a laid out so that I can sew it, I just need to do it. My plan is to sew all three pieces, the sheet, batting, and shirts, together going along the seams. I hope it goes together better for me the second time around.

Wish me luck….

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