Boston Red Sox Taggie Blanket



We love the Boston Red Sox, in our house they are very important. When I get the opportunity to make items that have to do with the Red Sox, I take it. I decided one day that I should get our daughter a Taggie blanket, I like them. Instead of going to the store and buying her a pretty little girl taggie blanket, I went to the store and bought supplies to make her a taggie blanket. I bought items to make a Boston Red Sox taggie blanket. Great idea, right!?!

Supplies Needed:

1 inch red ribbon- approx. 8 inches

5/8 inch Navy blue ribbon- approx. 10 inches

3/8 inch ribbed white ribbon- approx. 8 inches

Boston Red Sox material

Sewing supplies


The blanket could be as big or small as you want it to be, I made one that was about 8 inches by 7 inches. I cut the material ½ inch larger than the blanket would be, to have room to sew it.  I cut the ribbons into 2 inch lengths; again they can be as long or short as you choose. Take the ribbons and fold them in half, then pin them on the inside of the Red Sox material. Place them as you like, I put 4 on each side of the blanket with an extra on 1 side. Once you have them pinned you can sew them onto the blanket. Next step is to place the material together so the print is facing itself. Next sew the two pieces of material together, leave about a 1 inch gap, so that you can turn the material inside right. After you sew the material together you need to turn it inside right. To do this you take the opposite side from the 1 inch gap you left open and push the material through it. When it is turned inside right sew the open 1 inch gap closed. You should now have a Boston Red Sox taggie blanket!

When you sew on your ribbons make sure they are nice and secure, so that baby doesn’t pull them off. After I had this blanket made, I noticed that on Etsy you can buy ribbon that says Boston Red Sox on it. You could use the printed ribbon instead of the solid ribbon colors.

Enjoy your Taggie blanket creating.

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