So long laundry piles……


Laundry pile here, Laundry pile there, Clean, Dirty, Washed, Need to be Folded, Load in the Wash, Load on the line BUT THE CLOSET AND DRESSERS ARE STILL FULL OF CLOTHES! Say What?!?

I was losing my mind over laundry, it was EVERYWHERE.  About mid-February, my husband and I made a decision. That right there is the sentence of all sentences, to very indecisive people made a decision! But that is a whole different topic. We would try an experiment, “A Laundry experiment”. We tried to decide what each member of our family would need for clothing; we thought enough for about two weeks would be a good amount.

I emptied closets and drawers, it was fun and overwhelming. When I was done, I had gotten 7 bags of “extra” clothes. Why does anyone need that many pieces of clothing? I have set the “extra” bags in the basement until we are sure we have enough, I don’t want to have to go out and replace it. In the last month during our experiment we have come to realize that we could go a step further and downsize a bit more. Amazing!

Less Clothing=

  • More Money in our pockets- I’m not using as much water, electricity, and laundry soap because the washer is not running as much as it had been
  • Our Home is cleaner- Piles of Laundry no longer exist. We do not have enough clothing for it to sit for days and days.
  • More Time- I am not washing clothes all the time. We have created a plan, everyone has a laundry day. Each person has one load each usually, except for my hubby, he has work clothes
  • Our CHILDREN are helping- It is no longer overwhelming for them. I have taught them how to use the washer. On their laundry day, they carry their clothes down, make sure they are washer ready, add the soap, and turn it on. They put them in the dryer or hang them up. They also help fold and put away.

Good Bye Laundry Piles, I don’t miss you!


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