Simplifying it…’s no walk in the park



Part of simplifying our life is decluttering our crazy home and getting rid of stuff.  Anyone who has been following me knows that I have been Purging 4 profit as the year goes on. But this month has brought on a whole new part of me! I have been getting rid of stuff like mad; it was like once I started getting rid of items I couldn’t stop. In this past week I have donated 5 bags, and about 6 boxes of items to the Diabetes association.  I have also put more items on line to sell and have taken more to consignment. It is absolutely unbelievable how much stuff we had that we DON’T NEED! We don’t need a bigger house, we need less stuff!

I know it sounds great that we were able to get rid of this stuff this past week but it was an emotional roller coaster. I was very overwhelmed with the task at hand, I started in my basement which is the dumping ground for everything. There were moments were anxiety took over and I couldn’t deal with it. The “What have I done moment. WHY? Why did I let this happen? Here I am getting rid of all these items and thinking of how much $$$$ we could have had in our savings if we hadn’t bought it in the first place. There were moments of frustration about how long it would take to clean it out plus continue to do all the other Mommy/Wife things that I need to do. There was the feeling of shame moments; I don’t want anyone to ever know about this, I don’t want anyone to ever have to see it. Then there was determination, I can do this, I think I can, I know I can. And then there was success, the feeling of accomplishment and what a wonderful feeling that was. Now you need to know my basement is not completely the way I want it but it is 85% better than it was. Like I keep telling my Mother, “It will take time; it is a process.”

It is a process, an emotionally draining but rewarding process!

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  • Way to go! It’s definitely not easy saying goodbye to the things we have; there’s a reason we acquired each thing in the first place. Congratulations to you for letting go and working through it!

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