DIY Deodorizing Disks



Do you have smelly garbage cans? Or maybe a dirty diaper pail? If you do, you may be interested in these DIY deodorizing disks. Another great idea I came across from the website, she has some awesome ideas, if you have not checked out her site, then you should!

I was excited the second that I saw these DIY deodorizing disks; I have so many ways to use them. I could use them in the kitchen garbage can or in the cloth diaper pail. I set out to make these right away but I failed miserably at it. I am starting to notice this pattern, perhaps it is my inability to follow someone else’s directions, always needing to do it my way.




To make the disk’s you take ½ cup of distilled water and add 3 to 4 drops of essential oil to it. Any scent you want to use, I used lemon because that is what I had on hand. Next you add the water/oil mixture to 2 cups of baking soda and stir. Then you add in more water until your mixture becomes a thick paste. Once it is mixed you put it into whatever mould you are going to use. I put mine into ice cube trays. After the mixture is divided into the moulds you wait for it to dry which could take up to 48 hours depending on where you live.  I waited a few days to take mine out of the ice cube trays, just to make sure they were dry and hard. When I took them out they all crumbled, I didn’t get a pretty deodorizing disk. I had a pile of pretty smelling baking soda. I am going to assume that it is because I can’t follow directions, it said to use distilled water and I used tap water. I still used my crumbled mess, I put it in a mason jar with no lid and stuck it next to the garbage can and I sprinkled some of it onto the bottom of another garbage can. Not the way they were supposed to be used but it worked, sort of. I will try again to make these perhaps next time I will follow the directions…..

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