February Meal Menu Plans

We are into February already, January flew by so quickly. I am couple days late posting our February plan, sickness has hit our house in a terrible way.  But I am here now doing it.

We set up our plan for January and failed at it. The way we planned it just didn’t work for us. We have a grocery budget of $400.00 monthly, well for January we went over budget by about $80.00. We also ate out a lot, it is terrible, I can’t share the amount that we spent eating out. We are so ashamed of it!

This month we are just going to make a list of 28 suppers and each day we will choose what we want to eat that day. My thought is to cross the meal off the list when we eat it. I think for me it will be easier this way, I found that in January I wouldn’t want was planned on the specific day. When we planned our meals we shopped our kitchen first, it is amazing sometimes the food that is in your kitchen that you forget about or never make because it takes to long to cook. After going through our kitchen we realized that we almost enough food to make meals for the month with the exception of produce and milk.

The meals that we can create for the month are:

* Stew

* Spaghetti

* Pizza

* Pasta Bake

* Rotisserie Chicken with Rice

* Turkey with the fixens’

* Hamburgers with homemade fries

* Sheppard’s Pie

* Bacon Burger Mac n cheese

* New recipe (unknown yet)

* New recipe (unknown yet)

* Chili

* Pork Stir fry

* Tacos

* Chicken Fajitas

* Turkey Soup

* Baked beans

* Taco Pasta Toss

* Chop Suey

Some of the meals we will eat twice throughout the month. I tend to make extra large batches of some meals and freeze them to eat at a later date.


Wish me luck for this month, No fast food and Stay under $400.00






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