Ballet Tutu Hair Accessory Holder



Any Mom with little girls will know that having a place to put hair accessories is a  necessity, otherwise hair clips, bands, elastics, etc will be all. over. the. place. Unorganized hair stuff turns into a nightmare that nobody wants to look at, not to mention try to find anything in.

I wish that I could take credit for this creation, but I can’t, this is an item that my mother made for my daughter for Christmas.  It serves its purpose well and is also cute to look at. I couldn’t think of what to call it, so it will be forever known as “A Ballet Tutu Hair accessory holder”.

I have asked my Mother how she made this, and now I am going to attempt to explain it, in my words not hers.

The first step was to collect the materials required, which are:

* Tulle

* 2 different sized ribbons, she used 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch.

* Cardboard

* Hot glue gun and glue

* Piece of fabric

* Scissors, sewing needle, thread

* Any embellishments you may want

You can make this to suit your tastes and needs, it can be plain and simple or bling and shiny. It is totally up to you.

The next step was to take the cardboard and cut it into the shape of a top. Again it could have be like the one pictured or it could be the shape of a tank top or it could have a sweetheart neckline, it is totally up to you. Once you have your top part cut the way you want it, it is time to take the material and cover up the cardboard. On what will be the backside of the cardboard, glue the material to it.

The next step is to detemine how long you want the ribbons and skirt to be.  Cut the tulle and ribbon the lengths you choose, thdn place the ribbons on the tulle in the spots you would like them to be. Once you know where you want them, you can glue the ribbons and the tulle to the top part of your holder. Now it is time to bling it up or if you don’t want bling then you are done.

I am hoping that the directions aren’t to confusing. If you need clarification with a spot just ask in a comment. Maybe sometime I will try to make one and will have step by step instructions with pictures.



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