Owl Grandparent Frame

20140122_113426Owls seem to be a big thing this year. Everywhere you look there are owls. Some of them are super cute and I have begun to really like how they look. Although real owls don’t look much like the ones you see on blankets, clothes, decorations, etc. Oh well! They are still really cute.

As part of our Christmas gifts for the family this year, I got into the Owl fad a little bit myself. So I created some one of a kind gifts for the children’s grandparents. On the grandparent tree there is an owl representing each child, on the bottom of the page is each child’s name. The tree also has green leaves on it, these leaves are fingerprints from the grandchildren. I love these! Here’s how I made them:

Supplies needed:

Card Stock (white, brown, color for owls)

Photo Frame

Letters/Stamps/Marker (whichever you chose to put the letters on with)

Green Ink pad

Google eyes


Glue (I used glue tape)

Steps to create:

1. The first step is take the cardstock that you will be using for the background, I used white, and cut it to the size that will fit into your photo frame. I chose an 8 by 10 size.

2. The next step that I did was to create a tree with branches that the owls could sit on. I found this to be the hardest part, I couldn’t get it to look right. I drew it onto brown cardstock, then cut it out, and then glued it to the white cardstock.

3. After the tree was done, I got the owls ready. For this one I needed three owls. I used cardstock and cut out the body shape of the owl, then I chose another color for the wings. Once the body and wings were cut out, I glued them together and then added the googly eyes to the body.

4. The owls then need to be put on the branches they will sit on and glued down. At this point I got my children to help me out with the leaves. They each took turns dipping their fingers into the green ink pad and places a few leaves around the tree branches.

5. After those parts were all done, I put the names of the children on the bottom of the paper. I also wrote a title at the top of the page “Our Little Hoots”, or “Grammie and Grampies Little Hoots”. You can write the names and title however you wish, I used stamps and an ink pad. But you could also use stickers or handwrite it.

6. The final step was to put it in the photo frame and of course hang it up or give it to the recipient.

The grandparents love them, and I do too!

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