Childrens Craft Area- Update





A few posts ago, I talked about creating my children a craft area ( It seemed like such  a great idea at the time. We were really excited about it!  The girls would have a nice large craft space and they could leave their project out as they were working on it.  There would be no need to worry about it getting ruined by being on the floor and someone stepping on it. At the top of these page is a picture of how the craft area looked, just before I took it apart.

All I can say is Why?!? Maybe sometimes these ideas of mine are better left in my head.  This craft area idea of mine backfired on me. BIG TIME! What a freaking mess! The only day it was cleaned and organized was the day I set it up. It was way too big for them and had way too much stuff on it. It just became an eye sore that they didn’t and couldn’t use. It sat untouched for weeks.

We have had to get rid of that idea. We cleaned up the craft supplies and organized it nicely into storage containers. It took a long time, and we even managed to throw some of it out. The craft stuff has been moved to a shelf and we decided to move a desk into the room so that there is a place for them to craft. A small desk is a much better idea. We took the door of the bed and put the mattress back on it. We had a nice bon fire with the door. We tried an idea, it didn’t work and that’s okay. Maybe Mama should start thinking these ideas through!!

Below is a picture of how our craft stuff looks now, so much better.


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