Purging for Profit- January


Stuff is consuming our lives! You can not walk through our home without tripping on stuff. It is everywhere! I find that no matter what I do the house never seems to be cleaned. Closets are stuffed to the brim, you have to duck every time you open a cupboard/closet for fear that something will bump you on the head as you open it, and the worst thing is we keep buying more, more, more. The time has come to say good bye to all the stuff!

I am going to follow along with Jen Banks, at abusymommy.com as she Purges for Profit, check her out at http://abusymommy.com/2014/01/purging-for-profit/

My goal will be $500.00. I will post stuff on Kijiji, and local buy/sell groups on Facebook. I may also take items to a local baby consignment store, but I am unsure if I want to.

For my first week of purging, the items that I am listing are:

1) Barbie Items. We seem to have an abundance of Barbie items

2) Clothing that is too small

3) Baby items. Sniff, Sniff. My baby is growing fast and I don’t think there is any more in my future.

4) Other toy items

I am very excited to be getting rid of stuff from my house. The less stuff that is in my house the easier it will be to keep clean.

Update as of January 15.

I have gotten rid of the first batch of items, it felt great. I have a few other items to list for January, such as more Barbie stuff and more clothing. I will be back with another update at the end of the month.

End of January update.

At the end of January we have gotten rid of some items. Our total money collected in January is $121.00. We have  $379.00 to go to get to our year goal of $500.00




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