Boston Red Sox Christmas Stockings: Final Product




My husband decided it would be pretty cool to have Christmas stockings made after his favorite baseball team, so I made them for him. Please check out my original post to see how to make these amazing stockings. )

I think the hardest part of making these stockings was trying to decide how to put the names on them. Some ideas were to just write the name on the fabric with a Sharpie marker, use bottle caps and put a letter on each bottle cap with a sticker, or use a sticker that had a name on it such as a Mabel’s Label. I had also thought of just leaving them with no names on them but my children were incredibly concerned that Santa would not know whose stocking was whose and put the wrong items in them.

I went to the local craft store and browsed, thinking and creating in my head while I browsed. I came across these beads that were shaped like baseballs, and the juices started flowing. I purchased the beads that look like baseballs, the package of them was around $7.00. I sewed the beads onto each stocking, one bead for each letter of the persons name. For example Daddys stocking had 5 beads on it. It was challenging to get the beads all lined up the way I wanted and I still have a fear that they may come off. After the beads were sewn on, I took a black Sharpie marker and wrote a letter on each bead. So they look like this (pictured below)


I think they turned out great and my husband the serious Boston Red Sox fan is very happy with how they turned out. Now we need to hang them up for Santa to see what good little surprises he puts in them.


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