Starfrit: The Rock Frying Pan

The Rock by Starfrit


The Rock by Starfrit

The Rock by Starfrit



Let’s talk about my new love….

About a month ago my one and only but favorite frying pan decided it didn’t want to continue it’s life as a frying pan. So I sent it off to finish it’s life elsewhere. But the end of my frying pan meant that I was in the market for a new frying pan. I spent so much time looking at frying pans, so many stores, so many frying pans. Who knew that there were so many options to choose from, brands, sizes, weights! I ended up getting frustrated and left town without a frying pan.

While walking through Wal-Mart a couple days later, there it was on display in a center aisle. It was just waiting for me to pick it up and take it home, its name “The Rock by Starfrit”. I had never heard of this type of frying pan before but the price was right and it looked good to me. So I took a chance and brought it home. I am so happy that I took the chance on this pan!

I bought the 9.5 inch fry pan and the 11 inch deep fry pan with a lid. What an amazing pan to cook with! It cooks so evenly and holds heat amazingly. I haven’t had anything to stick to it, I had that issue a lot with my old frying pan.  It is a heavier feeling pan, it doesn’t seem as flimsy as some of the other ones out there.  The price was unbeatable!

I would recommend “The Rock by Starfrit” to anyone out there who is looking for a new frying pan. Try it , you will love it!

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  • I bought the rock frying pan at Wal-Mart. ..I heard great things about it.. so bought one in November. .I can’t use it anymore as evrrything is sticking to it… I love fry pans but I was very disappointed in this one as it was supposed to take alot of ware and tear. .. I have 15 other frying pans …I don’t know if it is the gas stove that done something to it but I am truly unhappy with it….My husband bough me the bigger on for Christmas at the Canadian tire no excited to use it…

  • I bought this excellent frying pan from that same center isle and noticed a cheaper “look alike” selling at the same time last Christmas. I could see a huge difference in quality. The Rock frying pan is made with pelted steel. It far surpasses all other non stick pans and funny thing now I can’t find this pan anywhere in the local stores. So it may have to be purchased online.

  • I heard about this pan from Reddit from a forum discussion on must buy items.

    I just bought the lighter aluminum version of this. It is amazing. Easy to cook with and easy to clean. But it seems it is now going on clearance. Maybe only available online from now on. Highly recommend. Very low cost. The best part is not only the cooking but also the cleanup. Just use a soapy sponge and all clean. I can now get rid of several of my pans.

  • My mom and I both got these frying pans in June. They are excellent!! Not a scratch, no sticking at all. The Rock pans are better then Paula Dean, Guys, Bobby Flay plus others. Very inexpensive

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