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Shaped Crayons?! It took me two attempts, a hot wax mess, melted silicone baking pans, and an almost 911 call. But it was worth it when the crayons were done. Our daughter is in love with these crayons.

It started one day at a craft fair, I seen these crayons they were shaped like gingerbread men, pumpkins, trees, and so many other wonderful shapes. I wanted to buy them, my husband said “Can’t you just make them?” Sure, I can!

I purchased a box of Crayola crayons and used some silicone baking molds that I had. Our oldest daughters and I worked so hard peeling the paper off the crayons, that was not fun. We then broke our crayons up and put them in the trays. I turned the oven onto 400F, stuck the trays in, set the timer for 10 minutes, and that is where I went WRONG! My kitchen filled up with smoke, I chased my children out, took the melted hot crayon waxy mess out of the oven (oven rack and all) and set it outside on the patio. What a MESS! Learn from my mistakes…

Our children and I decided to try again, I mean Why not? We had only almost burnt the place down but hey, lets try it again. We set out to buy new moulds, we were able to find Silicone Christmas baking moulds at the dollar store. This time around after peeling the crayons and breaking them up to put in the moulds, we put the moulds in the oven for about 10 minutes at a temperature of 200F. I should mention that the moulds were placed on a cookie sheet. It worked this time, there was no smoke!  After the crayons cooled and hardened, the cooling process takes a couple of hours, we were able to take them out and use them. Our children are loving them!

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  • This looks like fun! Thanks for learning the hard way for the rest of us :)I’ll be sure to keep my temps low when I try it for the boys.

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