Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown Calendar



Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!!

My house is full of excitement as the holidays approach, the children talk of decorations, concerts, and Santa. To help make it through the days/weeks leading up to Christmas I have put together a countdown calendar.  I like to make my own so that it will fit our lifestyle and include activities that my children enjoy.

My countdown calendar consists of 25 Christmas cards that I purchase from the dollar store. On the inside of each card I write the activity that we will do that day or the item which they will receive.

Inside of countdown card for Day 15

Inside of countdown card for Day 15

Inside of countdown card for Day 8













I put the cards in sealed envelopes, so that curious eyes can’t look to see what will be happening the coming days. I write the number on the outside of each envelope, when the children get up they open the card for that day. Some days in the countdown calendar there is gifts, I wrap the gifts and write the corresponding number on the gift.

Gifts that go with the countdown calendar

Gifts that go with the countdown calendar


Activities or gifts that may be included in our countdown are:

* Christmas coloring book

* Craft materials

* Go bowling

* Make cookies

* Wrap gifts

* Deliver gifts

* Drive around and look at Christmas lights

* Read Christmas stories/ Watch Christmas movies

My new favorite activity that I have added this year is a “Christmas Eve Bag”. Our Christmas eve bag consists of new PJ’s, popcorn, candy, juice box, and a Christmas movie. We will open it Christmas eve after Church and snuggle up while we wait for Santa!


My girls are always so excited! I really enjoy creating memories and traditions with them that maybe some day they will pass onto their children.

But there is a chance that I am more excited about the Christmas countdown calendar then the children are…



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