Boston Red Sox Christmas Stockings


Red Sox Stocking



Materials needed: Sewing needles, scissors, and red thread

Red Sox Stocking Material

2 meters of Red Sox material


My husband loves, loves, LOVES baseball. More specifically he loves the Boston Red Sox. He thought it would be great to have Boston Red Sox Christmas stockings, so I created some for him.








To create the stockings I first gathered my supplies, I needed to make 5 stockings in total.  I used 2 meters of Boston Red Sox material, I did have some left over.  The material I used was a fleece material but you could used any type that you desire. I had to sew these by hand because I find it hard to sew the fleece with the sewing machine. I am just learning to sew!


Old stocking that I used as a pattern

The next step in creating the stockings was to cut the material into the stocking shape that you want. To do this I found an old Christmas stocking that I liked the shape of and traced it onto the material. Fold the material in half so that when you cut it out you will have a front and back to your stocking. Then cut it out. If you are using a material like this with letters or patterns, make sure the material is the right way. My first stocking was cut upside down, you would have had to stand on your head to read it!

Once the stocking was cut out, I made sure it was turned inside out and started sewing it. I did it by hand but I’m sure it could be done with the sewing machine. I was just saving myself the frustration!  Because of the type of material I used there is no worries of it fraying. If you use a material that may fray, you could run it through a serger to keep it from fraying. Once I had it completely sewn together I turned it inside right. The next step was to fold down the top and sew it.


Once I was finished, I realized that I need to put names on the stockings. I have an idea but that will be a post for tomorrow…..



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