Un Paper towel

Un Paper Towel
Un Paper Towel

Un Paper Towel

Un Paper towel is one of my new favorite things. I was browsing pinterest one day and happened to come across some “Un paper towel” that someone else had created wonderfully. I really liked the idea and decided to make my own. In my house dish towels and dish cloths are used for everything, even though  there is a nice roll of paper towel sitting close by, it never gets used. Un paper towel has become useful in my house, my daughter loves to use them. We use the un paper towel to do a lot of things, it has saved my dish cloths from some scary stuff.

I made my unpaper towel in the simplest way possible, I have seen several variations. But I am LAZY…..so simple it is. I have added my instructions below.


Materials required:

Cotton material of your choice

Flannelette  material of your choice

(The amount of material you will need depends on how many un paper towel you will make. I started off with 20 but I have realized that I am going to need more)




These unpaper towels are cotton on one side and backed with flannelette.

Start by cutting the material into rectangles, mine were 8 inchs by 10 inches, cut equal amounts of cotton and flannelette. Once they are cut, prepare the material to be sewn together, you do this by matching up  one piece of cotton with one piece of flannelette.

After all the pieces are matched up, you will need to sew them together. Start in one corner and sew diagonally across to the other corner, you will have an “x” on the material when you are finished.

After each piece of un paper towel has an “”x” on it, it is time for them to go through the serger. Serge around the outside edges of the un paper towel to keep the material together and finish it off.

That is it, you now have un paper towel.

I store my un paper towel in a wet/dry bag that is meant for cloth diapers, this bag has two separate storage parts. I put the clean, ready to be used un paper towels in one spot and the dirty used un paper towels  in the other spot until they are washed.



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