Children’s Craft area

20130909_114957My children love to do arts and crafts. My middle daughter would spend all day creating, she has an awesome imagination and some very clever ideas.

At our house we are tight on space. Our children had a playroom in the basement but they would never ever go down and play. Their toys and craft stuff sat down there untouched for a long time. I decided to bring all their stuff up to their rooms and use the basement playroom for my own use. To get all of their stuff in their rooms we had to get very inventive and creative. Much to their dismay we also had to downsize and get rid of some of their toys.

I had an awesome idea for their craft area. In one room we have a set of bunk beds, the top bunk is only ever used, the bottom bunk goes untouched.  So I decided to turn the bottom bunk into a craft area. I took the mattress and all the bedding off and replaced it with a wooden interior door. The interior door sits on the bed frame where the mattress would normally sit. Now the wooden interior door creates a table top for the girls to use as their craft space. After placing the door on the bottom bunk I realized that there was an empty space, so I set out on a mission to find storage bins big enough to fill those gaps. I was able to put all the craft items in those storage bins. Now the girls have a super fun craft area!

The cost for me to do this was about $10, I had to buy several storage bins. I asked around and was able to find somebody who was getting rid of an old wooden door. Now to see if this idea of mine will work….

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