Bar soap to Liquid soap

20130814_152325I love saving money and I love being able to do things myself. Oh and I really love pinterest. I have seen several different posts about how you can turn bar soap into liquid soap. I was very excited when I seen this but my realistic side said “Is it worth it? Does it work?”, so I did an expirement.

First I did my research, I goggled my way around the web looking to see what others had done and what types of soap that had used. Some people added glycerin to it, some had used 4 cups of water, others had used 8 cups of water.  The soap brands that I decided to use were Irish Spring, Dove, Ivory, and a bar I found at the dollar store. My plan was to shred the soap and add it to 1 cup of boiling water, nothing else.

I shredded each bar of soap and then added it to the one cup of boiling water. I boiled it only until all the soap was melted, about 5 minutes, then I poured it into a glass cup. After all four were boiled, I waited til the cooled down. Once they were cooled, I didn’t have liquid soap, No!  I had soap in the shape of a cup. My next idea was to add my cup shape soap into one more cup of boiling water, so I did. But this time when all four soaps had cooled down, I had success, one brand of soap stayed liquid, it was thick but it was usable. The other three soap brands once again went hard. So I added them to one more cup of boiling water and once again when they were cooled, they were all hard again. So I gave up on the three brands and decided to perfect the one that stayed liquid.

The soap that stayed liquid was the Dove, this surprised me a little, I really thought the ivory would stay liquid. I added the Dove to one more cup of boiling water to make it thinner. It worked amazing, I put it in my soap pump, and it is working just fine. I love it! So Dove plus 3 cups of boiling water equals a very nice liquid soap.

My next question then becomes is it worth the work of shredding and boiling. Here’s my math:

I purchased 4 bars of Dove soap for about $3.97, if that bar soap was turned into liquid soap it would give me 3000 ml.  That’s 3000 ml of liquid soap for  $3.97.  To get that same Dove soap in a liquid form it would be about $3.97 for 400 ml. To buy 3000ml of ready made liquid soap it would cost approximately $29.77. That’s a huge cost savings even taking into consideration the water and electricity required  to make the bar soap into liquid soap.

From my experiment I have determined that you can turn bar soap into liquid soap. I have also determined that the cost savings of it will make the work of it worth it.

I will be transforming all my Dove bar soap into Dove liquid soap from now on.

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