A “DIY” Bridal Shower

I love the DIY lifestyle, if I can do it myself, I’m going to. So when it came time to plan my best friends Bridal shower it became my newest DIY project. I had a lot of fun creating the different items that I would need and I was even able to get my daughter to help create as well. I thought that I would share with you the items that we made.



A Brides wine glass:  I thought the bride should have a special drinking glass, so I created one for her. I painted the base of the glass with purple glitter nail polish, then I found some letter stickers and put the word “BRIDE” on the glass. I also added a bit of extra bling by putting rhinestone stickers around the top of the glass. It will be a one time use glass unfortunately, I’m sure that once the stickers get wet they will fall off.



Bridal Shower invites: The invitations were very basic and simple but also very pretty. I found a wedding dress template online, put it into Microsoft word and put all the shower details on it, then printed it onto card stock paper. Once printed I added some color across the middle of the wedding dress to make it look like a sash, then added some purple rhinestone stickers.  I then put some white glitter on the top portion of the dress.



Bridal Shower Cake: I goggled bridal shower cakes and ended up making one very similar to some of the ones that I seen. I made cupcakes and used 19 of them to make a cake shaped like a wedding dress. I added white icing to them and put purple sprinkles on what would be the sash of the dress. Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, her color is purple.



Favors and Gift table:  I put together this little table to hold the gifts and the favors. If you look to the left in the picture you will see wedding dresses, those are the favor boxes. I was fortunate enough to find those at a local dollar store, so I put Hersey’s hugs and kisses in each one to use as favors.








Decorations: These are my daughters contributions, she was so excited to be able to help.  She used the wedding dress template that I used for the invitation and made a congratulations sign. She cut all the dresses out onto card stock paper and put a letter on each one. She also drew a picture of the bride and groom and stuck it in a picture frame that says Happy Couple.



Games and Prizes: I put together some games but didn’t end up playing all of them, I used some that I had found on the internet such as bridal scramble, Bridal Price is Right, What is the bride wearing. For the prizes I made a cup of dates, not dates that you eat but dates that you go on with your significant other.  I do have to say that these were not a hit with everybody.


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