Baby Keepsake

20130720_005708I am a lover of everything that is made with hand prints and footprints. I just can’t help myself, they are only tiny for a short period of time, and baby feet are super cute.(The only time in life that feet are cute).  Today I created a cute little keepsake, complete with hand prints, foot prints, and a picture.

The supplies that I used are: a college picture frame with room for four pictures, card stock, and washable ink pad. Total time to create my project was under an hour. It totally depends on how cooperative your child is, my child was pretty easy going. My college photo frame has four picture spots, so I put something different in each one. One frame has both hand prints, one frame has both footprints, one frame has a picture of the child, and one frame has her name and birth date, along with some stickers for an added touch. When I did the frame for her name and birth date, I used the computer and printed it off.  You may choose to hand write yours, my handwriting is terrible!  I put my hand and foot prints on colored card stock, plain white paper would work fine but I liked the pink card stock better. When you do your child’s hand and footprints, I would suggest to do them one at a time and clean them in between, you don’t-t want your child getting ink in their mouth. When you purchase ink to use be sure to get the washable kind, and even it may be hard to get off. My poor little one has stained hands, but it was totally worth it. After each piece was done I cut it down to size and put it in the picture frame. Now I have an awesome baby keepsake!

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