StoryWalk! Who knew?

StoryWalk! Has anyone else heard of these? I hadn’t until the other day when I was at the park. As soon as I got home, I had to Google “Storywalk” and here is what I found out.

StoryWalk is just that, it is a children’s book and each page is laminated, put on a post and then spread apart at equal distances on a walking trail.  The idea is to help promote literacy, physical fitness,  and outdoor time. It was created by a women named Anne Ferguson and they appear to be very popular in the United States. There are also Storywalk in Canada,  Germany, England, and Bermuda. For more information about them you can check out this website:

I think the StoryWalk is a really neat idea. The one we read is called “Juba this, Juba that”  is interesting.  As you are going from page to page it asks you to do different actions, such as reaching to the sky, running as fast as you can, walking like an animal, etc.  My children had a blast doing this, it would be fantastic if there was more of them around our area. I have added a few pictures of the story that we read while we walked.20130716_132136



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