Popscile Pinterest Fail!



Pinterest Fail!

I found the coolest looking and very easy to make popsicles on Pinterest! I couldn’t wait to try them, err.. make them for my children. 🙂 I know they would love them, what child doesn’t love popsicles.

Just so you can look at what I was trying to create I have posted the link to the recipe: http://www.diy-queen.com/2013/02/gummy-bear-popsicles/

But I am me, and 95% of the time I want to do it my way. And that my friends, is where I went wrong. The recipe says to use sprite and gummy bears. Do you think I could do that? It sounds super easy, all I had to was follow the directions. But NO!, what I used was Sobeys brand Big 8 brand pop, in lemonade and lemon-lime flavors. For the gummy bears I used Swedish fish and candy lime slices. With the ingredients I made two different types of popsicles, one type was Swedish fish and lemonade, the other was lemon-lime pop with candy lime slices. Very Clever!


Lemonade wit Swedish Fish

Lemonade with Swedish Fish

Lemon-Lime with Candy Lime slice

Lemon-Lime with Candy Lime slice








I poured the pop into my molds and added in the candy. Then I put them in the freezer. What I didn’t know is that Swedish fish and candy lime slices do not freeze well in pop. What a disaster! Once they were frozen and we took them out of the molds, we ate them. But once we got to the part where you eat the candy, YUCK!  The Swedish fish were so slimy and gross, we couldn’t even eat them, we threw them out. The lime candy slices didn’t work out so well either. I am going to try this again but next time I will use the gummy bears. Learn from my mistake, they were awful. One last thought, I wonder if they would work using homemade gummy bears…..

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