Tie Dye Nightgowns

1373284857267Time to get Creative!  White shirts?  Tie Dye dye?  Imagination? We’ve got it all.Let’s do some tie dying.

I found a brand new package of Hanes Mens ribbed tank tops buried in the back of my husbands dresser, he claims that they are too small.  Then I remembered that I had some tie dye left from a previous project and I decided that I could turn these Mens tank tops into nighties for my oldest daughter. I can’t take the credit for making them though, my two oldest daughters did all the work, and the nighties turned out fantastic.

Supplies we used:

* Hanes Classics Men’s Ribbed Tank 5 pack

* Tumble dye, Neon 3-pack tie dye kit

* Rubber bands (we used hair elastics)

* Something to cover work space (we used garbage bags)


Here’s how we did it:

First thing I did was to rinse and spin the shirts in the washer, they need to be damp when you use the dye. Once that was finished we put the elastics on the shirts to create different designs.


The box of dye does give instructions on how to get different looks, but we just created our own. After that is done you spray the dye colors on where you want them.


You can put on as much or as little as you want. When you are done with the dye, it is time to wait, the shirts have to sit for an hour. Once the hour is up cut the elastics off of the shirts. Check out your designs! The next step is to put the shirts in the dryer for 20 minutes to heat set. After the 20 minutes is up take them out and they are done!


I discovered when my daughter tried on her new nighties that they were too big, the straps were just too long. So I got creative with a needle and thread to make the straps shorter, I made each set of straps different. I even added some 1 inch thick ribbon just to give them a little extra something.



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