Victoria Park

Road Trip with a View! What an awesome way to spend a Saturday!!20130629_150402

We decided to go check out Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia. We had never been there before and had heard a lot of great things about it. Now that I have been there I think that everyone should go there and enjoy the amazing scenery and natural beauty.



We enjoyed spending the 20130629_153755afternoon walking the trails and checking out the views. A piece of advice, if you have an infant, the walking trails are not stroller friendly, you will need a carrier of some sort. There are alot of stairs to climb in various spots, we missed out on a couple areas because we were the people trying to push a stroller around. But hey, you learn from your mistakes. Various locations around the park have names such as the witches cauldron, the holy well, and jacobs ladder. Jacobs ladder is a nightmare its like a hundred steps on this steep hill. I was a little nervous on my way up the stairs and way more nervous when I had to come back down them.  In another area of the park is an amazing waterfall for you to sit and look at. They have benches placed in various spots of the park, just in case you need to sit and rest and enjoy the view. The trails can be physically challenging and demanding, I was certainly exhausted.

We are going to go back again sometime to enjoy this amazing park, only the next time we will use a baby carrier so that we can see the whole place. I can’t say it enough times, this park was absolutely breathtaking and totally worth the drive. I have

included some of my pictures of Victoria park. The Town of Truro website has more information about the parks history and what is available while you are visiting the park.  I have inclided the link.

Can’t wait to see it again!




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