A re-purposed kitchen island

20130624_133252I wanted an island for my kitchen, it just needed one, you know that feeling when you look around and your like oh, that would look good here. Well that’s how I felt about an island in our kitchen. So I started pricing how much islands are, for a portable one it’s around $320 and up. For one to be permanent and match perfectly to our kitchen, we were looking at well over $500 . We didn’t have that much money to spend on a kitchen island. Now my husband won’t get rid of anything, especially if it belonged to his grandfather who passed away a few years ago. In our basement was a giant wooden old school table saw,that used to belong to his grandfather, it was just sitting around taking up space. One day I had this crazy idea to take this old wooden table saw and turn it into a kitchen island, it was the perfect size and height. I never thought my husband would go for it but he did. So he took all the mechanical parts out, we sanded it down and  then cleaned it up really well. We added a shelf, some hooks to hang our pots on, and there were two large holes we had to fill, so we bought some fancy wooden decals to cover them. I then stained the wood with left over stain from a previous project and we covered the top with peel ‘n’ stick tiles that we bought from Kent for $1.29 each. The total project took about a week, just because we had to let the stain dry completely in between coats. When we were finished we had a new kitchen island for under $10 and a story to tell about how we created it. Oh, and a savings of at least $300!

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